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Note from Jeanette

When my husband died in the middle of this flip, our world turned upside down. We depended on Brian for more than finishing this house. He took care of us. He bought all the groceries and cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He kept the cars full of gas. He made sure the pool chemicals were right. Brian fixed things like Koi pond filters and antique custom cars. He was helping our youngest son rebuild a 1970 Nova.

Adrienne van Dooren gave us hope like the rainbow I captured the day before she and I met.

Lake Elsinore rainbow

The picture was taken from our home's deck. The right end points to the house we're working on for this project.

Adrienne, a former Army officer, spends her time helping others. She studied Faux Art after Army life and then bought a home to remodel and dress up with her knowledge. The home benefits Katrina victims through Habitat for Humanity. Besides fundraising, Adrienne wrote a book, The House that Faux Built, to help. The beautiful book will inspire you to decorate your home to create an extraordinary life. Buy Faux House book.

As the author of many real estate books, I don't know why it never occurred to me to write a book about our Flip That House project!   Adrienne has encouraged me to write a book like hers. And, she's helping me find the artists to create a Faux Flip to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Working with Adrienne fits perfectly with the existing goals of the project. We had already filmed a day at Habitat for Humanity's store in Corona at the beginning of our Flip That House project and were viewing the episode as a benefit for our favorite charity. Adrienne has raised half the funds needed for a new home to be built in New Orleans with her book, and suggested that I publish a book on the Flip That House project to increase the potential of this benefit for Habitat for Humanity.

If you would like to join our Faux Artists or sponsors, please call me. We continue to do projects that will be publicized in the book.  Benefits to artists and sponsors

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