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Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher won the Golding Chili Cookoff, 2007. His T-shirt says, "Life it too short to cook for you people." Brian's favorite past time was cooking large feasts for family and friends. His family is still trying to recreate many of his recipes and would give anything to have his recipes written down, especially the Green Chili Verde.

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Faux Marble
Faux Glazing Tips
Color Washing
Crackle Painting
Three Tips for Beginning Faux Finishing
How to make a simple sky mural or faux cloudscape.
Turn Your Ordinary Fireplace into a Custom Dream: Faux Finish Fireplace

Big Problem for Flips? Small Bathroom Remodeling "Six Ways to Create a More Spacious Look and Feel in Bathrooms, without Bringing in the Sledgehammers"

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