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Learn How to Sell a House in One Day for Top Dollar (in any market) and to Make Money Flipping Houses at the Faux Flip Seminar 

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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity! Join us at the Faux Flip and learn all the Fisher Family secrets to fixing and selling houses in as little as three hours for more than asking price. Even in the depressed December California market, they sold a house in one day for full price, no concessions, and a ten-day escrow!

The difference? Design Psychology and Marketing Psychology

Now, add faux art to the mix and learn how to really make money flipping houses or renting for top dollar! We will show you how to do it all in a special event.

Flip That House Seminar at the Faux Flip in Lake Elsinore
9 AM - 3 PM Limited seating (It's a small house.)

  • Learn how to find, finance, fix and sell houses for more money in any market.
  • Explore fresh ideas for fixing houses using interior design methods that make houses simply irresistible to buyers.
  • Join the only seminar to reveal interior design secrets to fixing houses for profit.
  • Learn how first-time home buyers and investors buy houses for less and sell for more.
  • See slides of fixers before, during and after transformation, including the Faux Flip on Flip That House TV show.
  • See faux artists in action! Learn the easy ways to add drama to your house.

If you ever wanted to make more money using less capital, you won't want to miss this day!

Learn how to get started investing in real estate with proven strategies that work today and how to sell houses for more money.

Forget the no-credit, no-down infomercial and lease-option scams. Be smart and find out how to really make more money investing in real estate at this special seminars.

Finance Your First Home or Multiple Investment Properties: Learn the difference between consumer credit and the credit needed to finance mortgages. Get help with the six mortgage requirements and how to find a mortgage for less. You can't afford to miss this information!

How to Find and Fix Houses for Fast Flips or Rentals: This special seminar emphasizes Design Psychology Redesign and Home Staging strategies for fixing houses to sell or rent for top dollar. Learn how to:

  • Determine profit potential on fixers
  • Use interior design secrets to fix for less with designer touches that look like a million-dollar home
  • Fix rentals with materials tenants won't damage--and they'll pay more for!

YES! Reserve my space! Volunteer artist Kim Shaeffer Only $299.00  Habitat for Humanity benefit

Next College Class at Mt. San Jacinto September 8, 2007 (No artist demonstration)


Artist Kim Schaffer painting a Koi pond on the floor. See the great "Bamboo Women Tea Room" that Kim created. Kim also worked on the pool deck, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room! Plus, the front of the house! There isn't a room in the Faux Flip without Kim's artistic touch.   See more of Kim's work on her website: Kim's Decorative Painting Temecula, California

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Robert Esch, Jeanette Fisher, Tim

Robert Esch and Tim Grotefendt flew out to help and to learn more about house flipping from Jeanette. They returned home (St. Louis area) and bought a fixer! Find out about their progress at the seminar.

Robert's Financial Services for Seniors website offers great investment advice.

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