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See how we transform this bathroom into a buyer's dream spa.

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Hi Adrienne,

If you have staged your home to sell and still need help to get that SOLD sign, here is an old idea to help you.

Home Sellers: Entice Buyers with 321 Buydown
With the real estate market slow down across the country, some sellers, real estate agents, and lenders are starting to rediscover some old methods of financing that were used to help move properties back in the 1980s, when interest rates soared well into the double-digit range. One of the most effective techniques that's being revisited involves "buying down" a home's mortgage rate. Read more about How to Sell Your Home Fast with 321 Buydown.

Tax Consequences of Flipping Houses
As prices soared and interest rates hovered near record lows, flipping houses became one of the hottest investments for many Americans. People from all walks of life began buying homes for the sole purpose of reselling them at a profit, and many of them did significantly better than if they'd put an equal amount of money in the stock market.

However, many investors also were in for a shock when they began telling the Internal Revenue Service about their house-flipping profits. Much of the confusion comes from a misconception that stems from the laws regarding the sale of a personal residence.  Read the full article: House Flipping and Tax

Our preview calls and final schedule for Gold Real Estate Keys Teleseminar will be announced soon.
Jeanette Fisher, best-selling author and Flip That House expert will show you everything you need to know to make money investing in real estate.

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