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Faux Ceiling by Artist Evan Dahlke
Faux ceiling by Evan Dahlke with Inland Coast Paints: Faux Finishes

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Is It Too Late To Make Money Flipping Houses? 3 Things You Need To Know
The Largest and Fastest Growing Large Cities in America
Real Estate News - The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty
Wall Faux Finishes and Selecting Colors - Designer Secrets (Kari)
Faux Painting: A Simple but Effective Home Improvement Project (Christina)
Entrepreneurs: Why You Need to Adopt Right-Brained Strategies for Business
You've Found Your Dream House but Your Old Home Hasn't Sold - Besides Home Staging, What Can You Do? Home Selling Advice and Home Staging Blog
Why Do Women Still Live Longer than Men?
Wall Faux Finishes and Selecting Colors: Designer Secrets (Kari)
Bamboo Flooring: A Smart Alternative for Great-Looking Green Homes (Dave)
The Truth about Bamboo, the Environment, and Pandas (Kim)
Do You Really Need an Interior Designer? (Evan)
Top 5 Mistakes House Flippers Make
Home Buyers Advice - Beware of Interest-Only Loans
Fireplace Mantle Information | New Ideas to Update Ugly Fireplaces
Home Remodeling | Top 5 Energy Saving Projects for Remodeling Your Home (Mark)
Creating a Faux Venetian Plaster Look
Do You REALLY Want to Fix and Flip Houses?
Flipping Houses: Should You Hire a Handyman to Help with a Fixer?
Which Architectural Style Attracts the Most Buyers?
Flipping Houses for Profit: Current Carpet Trends Help You Sell
What's the Best Area to Fix in a Flip?
Faux Clouds for Children's Bedrooms
Faux Finish on Beadboard | Designer Secrets for Less
Faux Finish Walls with Ragging  Please note: I realize professionals don't approve of some of these techniques, but this is what people search for so we're providing information and hope the readers will see the dfference.

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Add Faux for Drama and Dollars (Christina)
Great Faux Finishing Tips For Obtaining Professional Results
It's time to get the fireplace ready!
Should You List a Flip of Sell it Yourself?
How do You Stage an Empty House?
"What improvements will make the biggest difference in attracting buyers to the home I'm going to flip?"
Mural Artist Inspired by Bamboo Women
Wanna Be a Flipper? NEVER Do These Three Things!
Wall Washing Technique: Add Drama to a Room (There is a reason for this--ask.)
Creating a Faux Aged Look on Beadboard
Faux Marble
Update Your Walls with Ragging
Faux Marble Adds Value to Flips
Flip That House Update from Jeanette Fisher
Flip That House Update

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Flip That House TV show tells the family story and not the artists’ story
The Truth about Reality Shows
Sponge Faux Finishing: Designer’s Secrets
Choosing Colors for Your Faux Finish Project

Powder Room Makeovers

Bamboo Flowers

Flipping Houses in a Down Market
Flippers: Beware of Interest-Only Loans
5 Biggest Mistakes Flippers Make
Flip That House with Lighting
Bamboo Flowers

Faux Flip Pictures at Flipping Houses Seminar

Faux Painting
Faux Plaster Finish Aug 8
Fixing Flips with Faux Finishes Aug 8
Flipping Houses: Lower Remodeling Costs Help Make Up Profits Aug 7
Stone Fireplace Design on a Dime (or Two) Aug
Faux Finishes | Ancient Art May 18
Why Faux?
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Press Releases

Volunteer Faux Artists Rescue Flop on Flip That House
Flip Flopped when Flipper Died and Artists Rescued House with Love
Evan Dahlke Donates Art
Artist Evan Dahlke Donates Fine and Faux Art 
Artist Kim Schaffer on PRWeb
Decorative Mural Artist Kim Schaffer

Flipping Houses Seminar September 8

Family Tradition

Home Improvement Business Promotion
Artists Travel Across Country to Help Overwhelmed Family with Flip That House TV Project

Meet the Artists
Flipping Houses in Today’s Market
The best thing about fixing and flipping houses
Variation: Artists Travel Across Country
Should You Hire a Handyman to Help Flip Houses?
Which Style of Flipper Attracts the Most Buyers?
Do You REALLY Want to Be a Real Estate Flipper?

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