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Home improvement businesses will benefit from extensive media and press coverage by participating in a Habitat for Humanity project.

Press Release, March 21, 2007 - After the sudden death of her husband in the middle of a project being filmed for Flip That House (TLC Network), author Jeanette Fisher seeks help from local businesses and corporate sponsors to finish the project and raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Fisher offers businesses the opportunity to be featured on national television, vast Internet coverage, and an upcoming book spread by helping them finish the project. Proceeds from the book will benefit Habitat for Humanity.

The Fishers, who have flipped houses over 30 years along with their seven children, felt honored to be featured on the nationally televised show. But during the demolition phase of the project, Brian Fisher, who did most of the physical work himself, contracted pneumonia and unexpectedly passed away. The surviving wife and children (all adults who live in the area) feel too overwhelmed to tackle projects like concrete work, extensive landscaping, pool repair, bathroom expansion, and wall removal.

Jeanette Fisher got fresh inspiration for the project when she met Adrienne van Dooren, author of The House that Faux Built, who offered to rally a crew of faux artists from around the country. Van Dooren suggested that Fisher write a book for the Flip That House project as a benefit for the Fisher's long-time favorite charity, Habitat for Humanity. Van Dooren's book has already raised over $45,000 to build a house for a family in New Orleans who lost their home to Hurricane Katrina.

Jeanette Fisher, author of real estate investing and interior design books, teaches college courses and professional seminars. She has already begun the new book: Flip That House with FAUX.

Businesses will benefit from extensive media and press coverage by participating in the project. They will also benefit Habitat for Humanity.

For more information, please see Flip That House with FAUXSave This House.TV

Dan Woodward 951-775-7893

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