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Main Bedroom, before and during

This is the bedroom that had grass growing under the carpeting. After Brian Fisher passed on, Jeanette was painting this room and working on the house by herself--feeling sorry for herself. Soon after, Adrienne van Dooren suggested the Habitat for Humanity faux artist volunteer program and the project was injected with new life.

 main bedroom before   Before Main bedroom after carpet before faur art During

Sage green wall paint mixed and painted by Jeanette Fisher. The extra long twin bed was donated for an artist coming from Washington D C to stay in the home during remodel. 

Ceiling faux art panel by Arlene Mclaughlin

Kirk Fisher, Tom Meli from New York, and the FauxContractor- Mark Mason. Brett Fisher held the other corner and Matt Mcghee from Florida stapled. Dan Woodward installing molding


Ceiling medallion by Arlene MClaughlin, award-winning mural artist.

Dan Woodward, Fisher's son-in-law, finished with molding. Dan, an archeologist by day, helped Jeanette finish many projects.

Read how to make a simple sky mural or faux cloudscape.

The room was finished with window hardware and silk window treatments.

Faux artist Kim Schaffer's bamboo and parrot                                                          

Kim Schaffer painted the closet doors in faux bamboo and a parrot.

The room will be staged with furniture. Final photographs will be posted soon.

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