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Kitchen Faux Art and Design Psychology

The kitchen design reflects Jeanette's interior design philosophy embellished with faux art.

Jeanette Fisher paintingAt first, Jeanette painted the kitchen to blend with the next room--the Bamboo Woman Tea Room. The golden wheat color was too dark in the space. She then painted the kitchen, with Imelda Quion's help, a softer golden color.


Jennifer West painting chickens



While the kitchen was the soft what color, Jeanette's cousin, artist Jennifer West, created a new type of "Chicken Soup." The chickens are bringing vegetables to make soup.



Jeanette didn't like the way the new cabinets looked with the gold color.

Imelda painting around chickenImelda and Jeanette next painted the kitchen a soft green to go with the countertops.

Imelda carefully painted around the faux art chickens already painted by Jennifer.

The kitchen felt wrong to Jeanette's Design Psychology sensibilities, so faux artists Kim Schaffer, Christina Johnson, and Evan Dahlke came to the rescue with a soft glaze to create a new color.

Professional after photos coming soon in the book.

Before kitchen remodeling pictures

Jennifer West
Jennifer West and Chicken with Parsley Heading for the Soup Pot

Jennifer West, a fine artist, also loves to do caricatures for parties.

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