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Jayne St John

wyland, jayne st John, Jeanette Fisher, Mark Victor Hansen

Artists Wyland and Jayne St John, Authors Jeanette Fisher and Mark Victor Hansen

Jayne St John, Jeanette Fisher's mother, studied art at Cal Tech in Pasadena during WWII when the college let women attend because the men were at war. It was not until the early 1970s that Cal Tech formally admitted women. Jayne got a degree in art from Fullerton College and studied in Laguna Beach, The Art Institute in Pasadena, and in Italy.

Besides working for Disney as an artist, Jayne worked for the State of California as a delineator. She always sold her oil paintings. Today, her daughters and grandchildren try to buy back all her paintings.

Jayne paints nearly everyday. She also takes her grandchildren to the beach.

Jayne painted two large murals for the Faux Flip. The Dancing Horses painting, inspired by the fantastic show Calvalia, spans ten feet. (This is only a portion of the painting.)

Jayne St John's Calvalia mural

Jayne St John website

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