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Many of the articles on this site are for do it yourself projects. Please note that professional faux finishers do not use these simple methods. You can get good results if you take care and don't use a heavy hand with your paints. For best results, ask a trained faux artist for help. You can also take classes and order products from Faux Masters Studios, who offers a line for home owners in additon to the professional grade.

Faux Finishes Articles:

Faux Finishes
Faux Marble

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Color Washing
How to make a simple sky mural or faux cloudscape
Three Tips for Beginning Faux Finishing
Turn Your Ordinary Fireplace into a Custom Dream: Faux Finish Fireplace
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How to Crackle Paint
History of Faux Art
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flip wasll and drape
Just finished! Room by faux artist Kari Barron

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