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Faux painted chest


This faux painted chest comes with a hefty price tag. You can learn how to do it yourself  or hire a professional faux artist at a reasonable cost to work with what you have.






Faux Art: Better than Fake!

When many people think of the term faux, they think of its most negative connotation: fake. However, accurate definitions would be imitation or one-of-a kind, since most faux finishes are truly unique.

Faux is becoming a hot trend in home remodeling. Faux finishes can make a dramatic change in the look and feel of a house, and the possibilities for using faux techniques are virtually endless.

One of the most common uses for faux finishes is as a classy substitute for wallpaper or plain paint on walls, but faux techniques can be used in a wide variety of other applications, as well, such as floors, furniture, doors, countertops, or anywhere an interesting and unique look is desired.

Faux art on floor and wall by artist Kim SchafferThe search for originality and uniqueness is really at the heart of the faux revolution that's gaining momentum across the country. Homeowners are seeking something different, something that more closely suits their individual sense of style and comfort. They're looking for something handmade and one-of-a-kind, and they can do that with faux finishes--without breaking the budget.

In order to begin to look for a faux artist to help with your next remodeling project, here are a few things to think about. First, the artist needs to have studied a wide variety of natural finishes, including the bark of trees and the natural formations that are found in marble. Those two looks are the most popular when it comes to faux finishing jobs.

Next, ask to see samples of the artist's work, both in the studio and in real-life situations, and especially work they've done along the same lines as the project you have in mind. A skilled faux artist will be glad to provide samples, in large part because that person is an artist and will be proud to show you examples of previous projects. After all, one of the greatest joys in an artist's life is to see a smile of appreciation on a client's face.

One place you won't be able to look for genuine faux finishes is at your local home improvement store. By definition, a true faux finish is handmade by a skilled artist, and is therefore unique, because no two faux finishes are ever exactly the same.

Why faux? Because it's an easy way to achieve true originality--even if you don't have a huge remodeling budget. SEE Kim's website,, for Decorative Painting and Floors See Kim's main project at the Faux Flip: Bamboo Bistro

Faux wood art by Mark Mason


Mark Mason, The Faux Contractor, builds and finishes special projects and works with designers or home owners in Riverside, San Diego, and Orange Counties.

In the Faux Flip, Mark built the dining room buffet and matched the wood finish to the tree colors in the painting.

Faux Dining Room




Faux art by Jennifer West

Jennifer West designed a new "Chicken Soup" with the chickens bringing vegetables to the pot.

The chickens, painted on various walls, add interest and art to an otherwise generic kitchen.

See the Faux Kitchen

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