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Fans to Help Local Author on TLC's Flip That House

Lake Elsinore, CA May 1, 2007 - Best-selling author and real estate investor Jeanette Fisher will soon be featured in an upcoming episode of The Learning Channel's popular series, Flip That House. It seems to be a logical next step for the well-known entrepreneur and educator, but this time she'll be receiving some unexpected help from a couple of her ardent fans.

Help is always welcome, of course, but it's not as if Jeanette doesn't get quite a bit of help from her family already. Even though her husband, Brian, passed away during the filming of Flip That House, Jeanette continues to receive help and support from a number of family members as they all go to work on the three-bedroom Southern California home they'll be flipping on the show.

Jeanette will use her years of interior design psychology experience to come up with an initial remodeling plan, but her son Evan (who has an MA in Architecture from Harvard) will help with the design and much of the work, as will Jeanette's other two sons, Kirk and Brett (both college students). Other family members, Enicia, Katie, Elise, Natalie, Ted, Dan, and Randy, will be involved in various capacities, as well.

In a new twist to the Fisher family's tried-and-true flipping methods (they've flipped dozens of homes over the years), Jeanette will be receiving some landscaping and general help from Robert Esch, who has been a fan of Jeanette's work for some time. In exchange, Jeanette will share her considerable investment expertise with the son of one of Robert's friends, Tim, who will be graduating with a BS in Marketing this spring and is a budding investor.

Robert is a self-professed 59-year-old kid who loves to play at new projects, and he's been involved in real estate in one way or another most of his adult life. He already owns a duplex and a four-plex, but once Robert and Tim have finished working with Jeanette on the Flip That House project, they plan to partner on several flips in the part of Illinois where they live. Robert will provide the line of credit and Tim and his friends will provide the muscle to complete the projects.

For more information about Jeanette Fisher, her books, seminars, articles, and upcoming appearance on Flip That House, visit her website at Flip That House with FAUX.

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