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Evan Dahlke, Decorative Painter and Fine Carpenter

Evan Dahlke, decorative painter   Faux artist Evan Dahlke applying plaster finish

Evan applied layers and layers of plaster and lime wash. The color fades as it dries. He also faux painted the wood ceiling, bringing it back to life. Evan arrived early (about 5 AM) to volunteer at the project. He came before working on his regular high-end decorative paint projects in a nearby city. He also donated many full days and supplied the music for the artists.

Evan Dahlke and Kim Schaffer, faux artists


Notice the faded plaster color. Evan and mural artist Kim Schaffer discuss the paintings they created together.

See more photos of Evan and his decorative painting in the faux living room

For more information about Evan Dahlke, see his website: Inland Coast Painting

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