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Call for Faux Artists

951-678-8780   Accepting applications for the guest house, which will be featured in the second edition of the book and on website promotion, but not the TV show.

Accepting applications for new book and show:
Save This House.TV

Join our team of expert Faux Artists from around the world and

  • Have a fabulous time in Southern California with other artists, authors, and investors.
  • Help the homeless, the fatherless, and widows.
  • Gain national exposure!

"You can't buy this type of advertising. You can't imagine the life-changing joy volunteering gives. "

Modello faux art in pool
What is it? Where is it?
It's a Modello in the bottom of the pool!

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The House That Faux Built book inspired Jeanette Fisher to write a book about her family's experience filming Flip That House. Visit  


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