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Get one of the first editions signed by the author. Help support Habitat for Humanity. Decorate your home with Faux Art and Design Psychology!

Quick note from Jeanette Fisher,

Thank you to all the artists, sponsors, and volunteers for rescuing me and the house. This is my first color book!

Enjoy your home! - Jeanette

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Celebrate Art, Life, and Love!

Take a close look at the art and methods of the generous faux artists from around the country. See the transformation of a flop to fabulous home.

Explore innovative ways to fix your home or investment houses. Join our adventure as we switch from a "Fix and Flip" to a "Faux and Flip!"

Savor Every Detail in Flip That House with FAUX

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Behind the Scenes on TV’s popular show--Flip That House
Enjoy the house that love rescued and filled with art. Whether you want to make your home glorious or sell it for more, get fresh ideas from Design Psychology expert Jeanette Fisher and a team of artists and designers who helped her family finish the house after her husband died suddenly.

You can change one room with one faux idea or your entire home with Design Psychology.

Explore new decorating trends and increase your bottom line. Sell your home and investment houses for more. Raise your rents. Or, buy a fixer and turn it into your dream home!

  • Design Psychology Tips for each room
  • Faux Art Solutions, enhancements, ideas, designs, supplies, and products
  • Home Staging Pictures before and after help you know how to stage a vacant house

Just one or two ideas from Jeanette’s book will make a huge difference in your home. You don't have to "faux" every room, but adding a little extra "wow!" to your home can make a buyer choose your home over all the competition. Forget plain white walls and boring beige carpeting. Take your home to the next level of design.

Artists, real estate investors, home sellers, and home remodeling fans will love the ideas and pictures in this book. Jeanette Fisher is the author of Design Psychology textbooks, many real estate books including Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, and Home Staging with Design Psychology: Sell Your Home for Top Dollar--Fast!

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The Truth about Making Money Flipping Houses
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Give a House a Hug and Save a Neighborhood for Habitat for Humanity

One benefit that many investors never seem to talk about in all the "Make Money" talk is the benefit to a neighborhood. When the Fishers fixed the home on the cover of Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, the entire street changed. People started caring for their gardens and painted their homes. Even though they make over $70,000 for one month of work on the house, the neighborhood change means much more to the community. This phenomenon happened with other houses that they worked on in Palatka, Florida, Riverside, California, and in three Lake Elsinore, California neighborhoods. A portion of the book sales and all of the open house donations go to Habitat for Humanity to finish the House that Faux Built in New Orleans.

Hug a House and Pass on the Love: Order Flip That House with FAUX

"The best thing about fixing and flipping houses: the satisfaction of taking an ugly doghouse and turning it into a buyer's dream home. Make a difference in your community by saving a house!" - Jeanette Fisher, from Do you Want to  Make Money Flipping Houses?

If you need to know what Jeanette's readers and student have to say about her, here is a sampling:

"I wish I learned all this before we bought our first house 25 years ago and before we had our children. Not only would our homes be more harmonious, but so would our lives together. It’s amazing to learn how colors, lighting, sounds, and patterns affect us so deeply."     -Angela Pederson, Palm Desert, California

"Jeanette Fisher is a genius when it comes to residential design that creates joy. Now, she turns her expertise to design that makes you money. You must read her books if you want to make a fortune in real estate!" - Char Jones, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I've been in the real estate business since 1977 in various capacities, title, escrow, and as a developer. Jeanette’s book, Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, is an excellent read for beginners or people who have experience. She has it laid out in such a practical manner, you feel you have the plan and you can do it all! It’s also an interesting, fun book about family dynamics!" -Madlyn Creekmore, Investor

I wanted to let you know that I have read your book and you have really inspired me...
I truly think everything happens for a reason, and I heard about your book when one day on the way home from work I decided to listen to the AM radio, although I never had before. I really think God had a hand in my hearing you talk on the radio show I happened to listen to...
I want to thank you for writing that book, because without it I would be in a totally different mindset right now . . . You have really inspired me.
Joanna Alford, Phoenix, Arizona

"You can take this class for almost nothing and make thousands. You can't afford not to take this class."
-Dr. Pam Wachholz, Hemet, California

"Jeanette is realistic and has a lot of good ideas that can save you money as well as sell your property. Also she walks her talk.
She has literally done exactly what she writes about in her own life. So it is tried and true information. Her books are well worth every penny. A good investment!" -Teresa Gault, San Diego, California

Design Psychology forSelling Houses ebook

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Flip That House with Faux: How to Have Fun Fixing and Flipping Houses and Make More Money

Pictures of project before and after
Comments from Jeanette Fisher
About room decisions
Close-up of artist in creation
Full list of Sponsors and Artists

Each Room Chapter contains:
Before Problems and Solutions
Design Psychology Plan Notes
Faux Art Solutions and Enhancements
Home Staging

I. Flip That House for Habitat for Humanity

1. About Flip That House TV Show 12
2. Demolition, Destruction, Devastation 14
3. From Design Psychology Fix and Flip to Faux and Flip 20
4. Fine and Faux Artists and Their Projects
Dave Phillips 26
Jayne St. John 28
Kim Schaffer 30
Evan Dahlke 32
Mark Mason 34
Christina Johnson 36
Laura Hasal & Meghan Fitzgerald 38
Camille Caballero 39
Jennifer West 40
Elise Woodward 42
Kari Barron 44
Arlene Mcloughlin 46
Ted Blake 48
Dee Dee, Lydia, & Alden Blake 50
Imelda Quizon 51
Thomas Schwaiger 52
Thomas Meli 53
Randall Smith 54
5. Landscape Design
Chris Jackson 56
Robert Esch 58
Tim Grotefendt
Colin Anderson 60
Enicia Fisher 62
Matthew Magee 63

II. Space by Space Design Psychology and Faux Art

6. Curb Appeal Grows Up 66
7. Rockin’ Front Porch 68
8. Glorious Gardens 70
9. Mediterranean Joy Living Room 74
Ordinary Fireplace Becomes Original Art
Home Staging with Design Psychology Key Tips
10. Exquisite Dining in Paradise 82
11. Expanded Jewel Box Kitchen 88
12. Soothing Waterfall Bathroom 92
Small Bathroom Remodeling
Six Ways to Create Spacious Bathrooms without a Sledgehammer
13. Serenity Main Bedroom 98
14. Fanciful Fun Bedroom 104
15. Old World Home Office 108
16. Bamboo Women Tea Room 114
17. Pool, Pond Merry-Go-Round 118
Artist Connections 120
Sponsors 122
Super Floor Store
Nilsson Stone & Tile
Faux Masters Royal Design Studio
RZ Nursery Home Depot
Wood Icing Lynn Brehm Designs
HobKnob Sherwin Williams
Alana Lloyd, Bellissima Photography

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Faux bamboo and brick mural
Kim Schaffer's Bamboo Mural; quote from Sengai (1750-1837)

Flip That House faux artist Meghan
Faux plaster artists

Flip That House faux artist
Fine decorative painter Evan Dahlke

Flip That House faux artist Ted working on pool
Ted Blake, Mt San Jacinto instructor by day and volunteer faux painter

Flip That House with Kim Schaffer faux artist
Kim worked in every room

Faux Artists


Flip That House Home


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