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Faux artist and interior designer Christian Johnson creates a cooling oasis with an upscale faux finish.  Faux artist Christina Johnson  

Christina used materials donated by Faux Masters (Faux Art Classes) in Yorba Linda and Sherwin Williams in Temecula. She also arranged new hardware donations from HobKnob Decorative Hardware in Temecula.

Christina prepared the ceiling and walls, including patching large holes. She faux finished the moldings for the floor, mirror, and chair rail. Like Jeanette (who repainted the kitchen three times), Christina repainted the ceiling because she didn't like the first design.

Christina also supplied a new shower curtain and helped with lighting ideas. Besides the bathroom, she helped in the kitchen and the dining room.

Visit Christina's website: Valley Faux, custom murals, stencils, and cabinet finishes.

Article: Small Bathroom Remodeling featuring Christina

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