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Arlene Mcloughlin Murals

Mural ceiling   Cherub ceiling mural

See Arlene's murals on her website: Mural Artist Arlene Mcloughlin

Mural niche   Mosaic floor mural Arlene Mcloughlin

Arlene Mcloughlin has always had a passion for art. Her colorful career started in grade school where her first mural was painted on the walls of her elementary school . Arlene went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, where she graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design. Arlene enjoyed a successful 10 year career as a Fashion Illustrator in Manhattan. While the creative environment of the city was energizing and intriguing, Arlene wanted the artistic freedom that comes with owning a business, so she started painting custom mural work. Her passion has grown into a successful mural and decorative painting studio, where she has a fully trained staff of artisans. She also enjoys teaching classes on specialized finishes as well as decorative painting. Arlene's love of painting a her outgoing personality have brought many unique projects her way including many charitable endeavors, like mentoring elementary art students and year round donations of her paintings to benefit persons in crisis.

Arlene incorporates many aspects of inspiration into her work, by experimenting with different products to achieve a unique finish, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Arlene believes that knowledge and training are an important part of any business so she and her staff attend classes, seminars, and conventions on a regular basis. She has studied with some of the most widely recognized artists in the industry, as well deriving inspiration from old masters, and extensive travel.

Arlene is a proud a member of the Stencil Artisans league, The Society of Decorative Painters, the Long Island artists League, and a Moderator on the Muralsplus and Long Islands artist forums. Arlene lives on Long Island with her husband, fellow artist Dale, and their two budding artist children, Niamh and Odie.

Arlene painted and shipped the ceiling panel for the main bedroom: Faux Art Ceiling Medallion

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