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Brian Fisher inspecting Flip That House project

For as long as the Fishers have been fixing and flipping houses in Riverside County, California, they have been donating building materials to Habitat for Humanity in Riverside. They also purchased supplies at the non-profit's home improvement thrift store, ReStore.

When Flip That House producer Lori first asked Jeanette to do a project for the TV show, Brian's request was to do the show's normal shopping excursion at the new Habitat for Humanity center in Corona, California.

Brian was active in the demolition phase of the project up until his sudden illness and unexpected death. The family kept working on the home, but they ran into problems without Brian's help.

Faux House BookJeanette Fisher met author Adrienne van Dooren, author of The House That Faux Built, after Brian passed on. Adrienne recognized the need for new inspiration for Jeanette and the possibilities for raising money for one of her projects, which also happens to be Habitat for Humanity. In fact, Adrienne's book has raised (so far!) $45,000 of the $75,000 needed to complete a new Habitat for Humanity Home in New Orleans to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

Adrienne van Dooren

Adrienne, an active philanthropist, completed twenty years in the Army before becoming one of the world's foremost faux arts authority and painter.

Even though Jeanette had written many real estate and interior design books, it was Adrienne who came up with the idea to write Flip That House with FAUX to also benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Letter from Jeanette with more about the Habitat and Flip

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