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As Seen On Flip That House with the Fisher Family
Find out how to Make More Money or Create Your Dream Home

How to get the high-end designer look for less than you’d pay for ordinary decor!

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THE HOUSE THAT LOVE FLIPPED                                              See inside the home on the show

Behind the scene on TLC's favorite TV show, Flip That House with author Jeanette Fisher's family benefiting Habitat for Humanity*

Faux artists from around the country helped finish the Fisher family's flip after the sudden death of Brian Fisher. Explore innovative ways to fix your home or investment houses. Join our adventure as we switch from a "Fix and Flip" to a "Faux and Flip!"

Brian Fisher and Ted Blake on Flip That House   Faux artists on Flip That House   Flip That House office by Kari Barron
Flip That House
producer, Ted Blake and Brian Fisher   Faux Artists Kim Schaffer and Evan Dahlke   Faux by Kari Barron

Find out how you can make more money in real estate or create your dream home with faux art and interior design psychology.

*The Learning Channel. Check your local listings for encores. Jeanette Fisher, former university instructor, is the author of design psychology textbooks and real estate investing books. Press Enterprise News: Podcast and story

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Faux house bookThe House That Faux Built inspired Jeanette Fisher to write a book about her family's experience filming Flip That House Visit   Adrienne van Dooren sold her Faux House for 50k more than comps last August!
How House Flipping Changed
Give a House a Hug: Create a "Home that Love Built."  

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